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Do you want an accurate evaluation of your property?  What is your Sequim real estate worth?  What is your Port Angeles real estate worth?  What is the comparable market value or CMA?  Here you can get three things:

  1. A free email evaluation of your property (see note below); and
  2. A free in-home evaluation of your property; and
  3. A free report on what other homes have sold for.
Traps for the Unwary

What you want when you request a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) is a true fair market value, not someone's wild idea of what your property is worth.  Here is the trap for the unwary home owner.  If you talk to several agents, please be aware that asking for a prospective listing price is not a bidding war.  What do I mean by that?  Some home owners have listed with the agent who gave them an exaggerated listing price, and then after about six months, the agent is telling the owner they need to reduce the listing price.  Often one or more price reductions follow.  Then after about a year (plus or minus), the seller finally accepts a disappointing offer. 

If you interviewing agents, look for competence, knowledge, wisdom, integrity, and experience.  Take your time in finding the right agent for you.

Free Email Evaluation

This is a service I offer to the homeowner who wants an unobtrusive and low key approach to beginning the process of evaluating one's home and possibly selling it.  Honestly, how do I compete with all the other Realtors out there?  My approach is to give you more up front, and if you retain my services, I pledge to do the best possible job anyone could do for you.  I want to give you more, and do more consistently.  My Free Email Evaluation (see navigation button to the left) is part of what I give you without obligation, and it has value.  BUT this is an evaluation based only upon the information you provide. 

If you want to complete the process of getting the most accurate estimate of your home's value prior to putting it up for sale (without an official appraisal), I strongly suggest a follow-up in-home evaluation.  Only by thoroughly walking through your home, around your property, and discussing its features with you extensively, can I give you the best estimate of its value.

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