Should You Build a New Home or Buy an Older Home?
(New Homes, New Construction, Custom Homes)

To build a Sequim custom home or a Port Angeles custom home, or not to build - that is the issue. There may be more to this issue than most people think.  Many people assume that buying an existing home is much better than having a new home built, but others insist that having a home built is better.  Did you know that Realtors will have a strong motivation to sell you an existing home rather than just a lot to build your new home on, and the reason is simple.  Their commission will be 2 to 3 times bigger.  So you have to take charge and call all the shots.  Remember, no one will stay awake at night figuring out what is in your best interests, except you (and me of course).

Here is a reasoned analysis comparing the two options. 

Building a New Home
Pros Cons
  • You can design the home to be exactly as you want it
  • You are buying your home sight unseen as you cannot actually see the final result until after it is purchased and constructed
  • Everything in the home is brand new and therefore under warranty
  • Building can sometimes be delayed due to weather conditions
  • New homes are often constructed in new subdivisions, meaning all the other homes around yours are also brand new
  • There are often extra costs to be considered such as window coverings, landscaping and fencing
  • New homes are often "greener" than established homes due to new energy efficiency regulations
  • It can be quite expensive to equip an established home to be more energy efficient

Buying an Existing Home
Pros Cons
  • Buying an established home allows you to see exactly what the surrounding houses look like and how well they are maintained
  • If it is an older home, you may need to budget for repairs, re-painting and general maintenance
  • Often all or most of the work to establish the home, such as landscaping, has already been done
  • You may need to perform renovations or extensions to get the floor plan or space you need
  • Often you can move into an existing home as soon as you have bought it
  • Older homes can be more costly to heat and cool as they are often less energy-efficient

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