Project Supervision
aka Adult Supervision for Your Sequim Home or Port Angles Home Construction

Question:  Do you really want your dream home to be built by a bunch of subcontractors who have no adult supervision?  

You say, "What do you mean?" 

Here's the reality.  Many contractors do not have good project managers who make sure that all the subs are doing good work and building exactly what you paid for.  On top of that, many house building projects operate out of the chaos model.  What I speak of here is the rule, NOT the exception. 

Tip:  When you interview three builders (interview at least three and maybe four or five), ask him about project management and how well his company does on this.  Ask about his subs, and how good they are.  Don't be bashful about these issues.  It's your money and you are the one who will spend years, and maybe the rest of your life, in this home.

Bonus Tip:  What we are really talking about on this page is the quality of workmanship in your home.  Isn't that important to you?  Of course, it is.  So here's a bonus tip from the school of hard knocks.  Ask your builder, and then get confirmation, that he uses legally employed workers, and that his subs do.  Many sheet rockers are illegal aliens, or they may be legal aliens, but isn't it a bit suspicious if a dozen sheet rockers from another country show up to work night and day on weekends only?  Then ask yourself, even if they did good work, where will the money go?  Will all those earnings stay in the local economy, or is that money shipped to Mexico?  I would not mention this if it isn't a very real issue today!

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