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If you are an experienced real estate investor, you know the need for knowledge, good counsel, careful and wise planning, and you know the value of what is freely shared on this site.  If you are an aspiring investor, there is much to learn. If you have already done a few deals, there are many traps for the unwary ahead.

Want to buy foreclosures?  Distress properties?  Properties in default?  FSBOs?  Interested in short sales?  Can I say something without sounding too cocky?  I probably have more experience in all of these areas than any agent in the State of Washington.  30 years in real estate, 20 in real estate law, and full time Associate Broker.  May I freely give you all my experience and knowledge?  I earn my fees now exclusively in commissions on representing buyers and sellers, so that means I cost you nothing if you are buying.  Isn't that great!  Take advantage of this.  I would love to help you.  Anything I have learned or have is yours for the asking. 

Here are some special areas of interest for real estate investors.  Here we hope to put some meat on the skeletons of some of what you have learned at real estate seminars.  

Investing Articles by Real Estate Lawyer (Ret.) and Associate Broker
Chuck Marunde

  1. Buying/Investing in the Right Property
  2. Real Estate Foreclosures (Deed of Trust Foreclosures)
  3. Real Estate Contract Forfeitures (Real Estate or Land Contracts)
  4. Paper Transactions (Profit Without Owning Real Estate)
  5. Joint Ventures (the best kept secret if done right)
  6. Stories of Success (local and true)
  7. Coaching & Mentoring (by special appointment)

Marunde's Short Checklist For Buying Vacant Property (developed over 20 yrs):

Perc Results
Fire Protection
Soils Report
Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Bluff Stability
Test Flood Plane
Toxic Waste  
Test Wildlife Habitate (Owl Nests)
Buried Fuel Tanks
Industrial Noise
Road Work, Road Maintenance
Open Space/Forest Designation
Clearing Bypass/Freeway
Agricultural Designation
Survey Removal
Airport Approach
Exact Size of Property (corners)
Final Plat Recorded
Power/Hook-up Fees
Timber Clause
Water/Hook-up Fees
Telephone Access/Cost
Escrow Note Collection
Well (private, community, utility)
Legal Access to Property
Release Clause/Partial
Covenants, Conditions &
Possible Land Use Change
Re-Zone, Variance, Conditional
Financial Statement From Buyer
Zone Compatibility w/present use
Shoreline Management Act
Comprehensive Plan & Zone
Talk to Neighbors
Irrigation Ditches (run all/partial
Timber Cruise & Value of Timber
Wet Lands
Geotechnical Report

Real Estate Investment Analysis

Here's a great tool to analyze your potential real estate investment.  Add your own numbers and hit the analyze link, and you'll get a very impressive report.  Courtesy of Chuck Marunde and iAnalyzeRE.

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