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Does it really matter who you hire as your Sequim real estate agent? Absolutely. Sequim & Port Angeles Real Estate has a mission at the core of everything we do. This mission is to serve our clients' best interests, no matter what.  That means we put our clients at the center of the Universe, at the center of our business model, at the center of our representations, our negotiations, and every aspect of the transaction until and beyond closing.  Others talk.  We really do this.  We will walk away from a commission before we will violate this mission.

No real estate agent can work for us who does not swear to abide by our principles of honesty, integrity, professionalism, competence, and trustworthiness. 

We require that all of our agents seek to give our clients the highest level of customer service.  We really believe in under promising and over delivering.  We really believe that our clients are special and their interests and their goals are above all else.  

Others may talk the talk, but we walk this talk every single day of the week.  We will match our experience, education, and professionalism with any agent anytime. Interview us and find out if you think we have what it takes.

Agent Credentials.  Every client wants their Realtor to have great credentials, right? Our staff has the highest credentials of any Realtors in Clallam County and possibly in the entire Northwest.  How can we say that?  Compare these credentials with any other broker's office.

If it is knowledge, experience, and professionalism you seek in your Realtor, talk to us and find out if you feel we can help you.

Read our agents' profiles at Sequim and Port Angeles Real Estate Brokers.  Give us the privilege of serving you, and we promise you will be pleased with our representation as your Sequim real estate agents.

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Chuck Marunde, J.D.
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